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     CHRISTMAS DAY :     


  •        WE  ARE AN "AMAZING  PARISH" 

    Our deliberations are completed.

    Our main focus now is: 

    It is an exciting time for our parish as we continue to be open to the Holy Spirit as He guides us along this path of renewal and change here at St. Veronica.
    We as a parish community need to all be positive representatives of the faith in our homes, our families, and in our community. Being ambassadors of Christ to our loved ones, as well
    as to new people coming through our doors, will result in hearts feeling at home.
    Being a welcoming place where everyone loves to come – this is what we are striving for! With the help of the Spirit and all of you, our church can become an amazing parish where everybody feels welcome, cared for and loved as part of a community of believers in Jesus Christ.
    This fall, you were invited to come to the Amazing Parish sessions to brainstorm ideas and we were pleased so many of you came to give your input. A primary goal rose out of those sessions, and that goal is to grow our parish through hospitality and evangelization. We are now making plans to reach that goal, and so I wanted to let you know what some of those plans might be in the next year. Results will not happen overnight, but with vision and perseverance, we will see positive results moving forward.
    First of all, we would like to begin incorporating regular fellowship meals into our parish life. Starting in January we are going to have “hospitality weekends”. There will be soup and bread after the Saturday and Sunday Mass once a month on a designated weekend. Not only is this a great time to share a meal and get to know each other better, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to invite someone to come to church with you and stay for the meal! Suzanne Murphy will coordinate Saturdays, and Donna DeMarco will coordinate Sundays. If you would like to help with these meals in any way, please let them know!
    Another area of opportunity is making better use of our front entrance and vestibule. In order to be more hospitable we are looking at making the front entrance the only entrance into the church. There is a lot of space there we feel we could use more efficiently for hospitality purposes. A special committee will be formed to come up with practical ideas for this space.
    We are also looking at ways to get out into our neighbourhood, for example: processions, Christmas carolling, or delivering invitations door-to-door in our geographic parish for various events. One idea is to hold a neighbourhood BBQ in the summer with a concert.
    Another part of our outreach will be having people witness to their faith during our weekend Masses. Other suggestions include regular prayer ministry, “Gospel Jam” praise & worship nights, and inspirational bulletin content.
    If any of these ideas spark your imagination, please talk to Fr. Ron about how you can get involved!
    Together we can continue to make St. Veronica an Amazing Parish!

  •   Furnace Fundraiser


    Over the past several years our furnace has been malfunctioning and has stopped working several times. It is over 40 years old and is in need of replacing. Constant repairs have not corrected the problem. The Bishop has approved our fundraising campaign. If you are able to help us reach the goal of $45,473.41 we thank you. Anyone able to donate $300 or more their names will be put on a plaque in the church or it could be dedicated to the memory of a loved one.

         As of November 26th, we have raised
     .........................$ 28,602.90.........................

    ...........................Thank You!.........................


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